Dock and Lift Operations

Regardless of if you manufacture docks and lifts or if you install and service them, Iverson Insurance is here the make sure your business is protected with a truly customized insurance package.

Coverage For The Unique Hazards You Face Every Day

 From Installing docks and lift to manufacturing and selling them your company has unique exposures that require tailored solutions. At Iverson Insurance we live in the lakes area and understand how to protect your business. Put the problem solving people to work for you.

Dock and Lift Installers

Robust coverage for your operation both on and off the water.

Dock and Lift Sales

Custom insurance coverage for sales of new and used property.

Dock and Lift Storage

Top notch business insurance for storage operations to protect your business year round.

Dock and Lift Manufacturers

If you manufacture docks and lifts make sure you have the right coverages to fit your unique needs.

Boat Repair

Robust business insurance for boat repair operations, including marine operators liability and garagekeepers coverage.

Boat Dealerships

We specialize in business coverage for boat dealerships that sell both new and used boats.

Depending on what lakes you work and barge on you may different coverage requirements. Navigable bodies of water come with additional hazards. 

Some commercial policies will exclude coverage for equipment or property as they are in operation over water. Make sure your barge and equipment are covered correctly. 

You agent should be discussing your experience modification factor with you as it directly impacts your workers comp premium. 

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How We Protect Clients

Here are just some of the ways we can help our clients with their insurance.

General Liability

Work Comp

Commercial Auto

Equipment and Barge

Commercial Property

Commercial Umbrella

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